After a one week hiatus because half of the hosts were on vacation and the other’s nose was buried in comic books, we’re back with a preview of the Conference Championship games set for this weekend. Justin and I discuss the should’ve-been-a-catch-but-wasn’t-because-the-rule-is-stupid play that gave Dallas an exit from the playoffs. If you haven’t seen the play, here:

Green Bay challenged that it was a completion, claiming he didn’t maintain control of the ball, which did move when he hit the ground after taking a few steps. It’s because he didn’t maintain control the whole way through that they overturned the call. The reversal WAS the correct call based on the rule itself, it’s just a stupid rule. Here’s all-knowing Mike Pereira explaining:

Here’s what this means to me: Next year I’m doing whatever I can do draft Dez Bryant because he’s not going to forget this and he’s going to be pissed.

We also discuss some movement in the coaching world, including John Fox cutting ties with Denver, Todd Bowles joining the Jets, and Jason Garrett receiving a five-year deal to stay with the Cowboys.

Naturally we discuss the spreads to this weekend’s games, as well as the spreads for potential Super Bowl matchups. Justin and I both think it’ll be Seattle against New England, which is the favorite at this point, but this is the NFL, and crazier things can happen. Maybe Andrew Luck says “Not so fast my friend…”

There’s also a brief discussion about the upcoming season premier of King of the Nerds which Justin was yet again not picked for. It’s a dream that needs to be realized, because he would kill it.

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