We’ve made it. The season flew by like the air out of a Patriots football and we’re down to the final two for this Sunday’s Super Bowl. Looking back on a season is always fun, especially when your picks completely fall apart. Neither of my Super Bowl teams made the playoffs, and the hopeful Browns fell apart like a day old hoagie.

But we still have one game left between the defending champions Seahawks and the revitalized Patriots. With this last game comes some of the most fun betting opportunities, which Justin and I discuss on this week’s podcast. Prop bets like “what will Katy Perry be wearing at halftime?” and “what color sweatshirt will Bill Belichick be wearing?” and “will Russell Wilson have more passing yards than the average of the national gas price?”. You know, important stuff.

Here’s a bunch of Pats fans defending Tom Brady on Jimmy Kimmel.

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