WHY DIDN’T THEY GIVE THE BALL TO MARSHAWN LYNCH?!? He scored 17 TDs in the regular season, they needed one yard, and his nickname has the word “beast” in it for crying out loud. I get it, they wanted a “wasted play” to run a few seconds off the clock, and Seattle figured that play at worst would end in an incompletion. During the regular season, there were 108 pass attempts on the opponent’s one-yard line, and zero interceptions. It was second down, and they still had a timeout and two more chances, but don’t you take the points and force the Patriots to make a big drive? The entire game, the Pats dinked and dunked the ball, rarely attempting deep passes, which is what they would’v needed (remember, the Pats were out of timeouts). Anything is possible, but if you’re Seattle don’t you force the Pats into that situation and let them have the short passes with 15-20 seconds left and 80 yards to go? Neither Justin or myself are NFL coaches, so what do we know?

Along with the game, we discover that neither of us were great at picking games against the spread this season, both missing the .500 mark. We also discuss the halftime show, and a few of the commercials before signing off until next season.

Congrats to the New England Patriots on being crowned Super Bowl XLIX Champs, and getting to go to Disney World.

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