The Walking Dead cut the ribbon on major season finales for the 2015 year, so naturally the team kicks off with that. Things happened and some things didn’t happen. Where is the show going from here? Listen to find out! Because we’ve made it this far. I probably said that ten times this podcast.

It’s also a curious phenomenon that some shows choose the penultimate (second-to-last) episode instead of the finale to have the big shocks/surprises. Typically, it seems that the premium channels choose the former while cable and network shows save the fireworks for the finale. The EB team chimes in as to which they prefer (with examples!).

Also, there was an announcement that Full House is coming back with a new series on Netflix. Keith hasn’t seen the original one, nor has he seen many of the classic ’90s sitcoms, of which the rest of the team tries to figure out his TV watching patterns.

As always, we will be discussing elements and events in the shows mentioned so be warned that there are spoilers lurking.

You can listen to the Buddha Tube-cast below, or download it for safe keeping. If you like to watch moving frequencies for extended periods of time you can also consume the episode in YouTube format above.

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