Twinkies, cockroaches, this podcast: all things that could survive a pandemic that gets rid of the entire human population. Add to that list Will Forte’s character in Fox’s post-apocalyptic comedy, The Last Man on Earth, of which we are big fans (spoiler).

The second go-round for EB’s TV special links this take on the end of the world with other such entries in the genre, with particular admiration for The Simpsons version, “The HΩmega Man”. Agent Carter wrapped up, so there’s some reaction to that. And speaking of spinoffs/reboots, plenty of news and talk is devoted to just that topic. Ducktales is coming back in 2017, and it might be great or it might re-write the history of Ducktales in our nostalgia-filled minds.

As always, we will be discussing elements and events in the shows mentioned so be warned that there are spoilers lurking.

You can listen to the Buddha Tube-cast below, or download it for safe keeping. If you like to watch moving frequencies for extended periods of time you can also consume the episode in YouTube format above.

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