Entertainment Buddha – The Five Year Anniversary Retrospective

EB turned five on March 25, 2015, and I’m humbled by how far it has come since the beginning. Boy, has time flown since I cooked this thing up in my head while mulling a career change sitting in a land of cubicles at my former employer. There have been many low points, but even more high ones. The past five years have been a journey to say the least, so I wanted to commemorate this anniversary with a look back at where it all began and what it has become.

Back in 2010 I quit a promising corporate career to pursue other opportunities in life, one of which being starting my own geek oriented website to give myself and others like me a place to have a voice. I initially planned on using it to springboard myself into the video game industry to possibly get a real deal writing gig at one of the big boy sites with access to events like E3, video game review copies, and other early access opportunities. While the former never happened due to my teaching career, I can firmly say I’ve achieved my secondary goals, and I’m damn proud of that.

I started EB from scratch, learning the ins and outs of WordPress to build it on my own as well as how to be a webmaster. For 3 years, I did it all by my lonesome, everything from finding topics to post, to working and building relationships with PR people, and everything else it takes to run a website. My post count sits at over 6,100 and counting, so it’s safe to say that EB has become a part of me. Some would say it has defined me these past 5 years.

The original Buddha logo from 2010
The original Buddha logo from 2010

While I’m still the main contributor and behind-the-scenes guy, I’m no longer the lone force behind the site. Those days are gone thanks to the great team of volunteers that have contributed to EB since 2013. The fact that others thought enough of the site and myself to join up and contribute work for free is a testament to the site’s success, as well as the level of dedication passionate geeks showcase when they get to write, talk, or film hobbies that they love.

Current Buddha who is actually Eric Linden from Action Factory!
Current Buddha who is actually Eric Linden from Action Factory!

It truly does blow my mind to see how far the site has come since 2010, both in terms of its design, as well as the type of content it features. I used to chase down news from the top-tier sites just to have content each day, and now I find myself having to choose which PR emails and leads to run because EB is inundated with content from developers, publishers, authors, and filmmakers wanting to have their work featured on EB. The site is a known entity, which I take pride in, especially because I never had a single investor, nor have I spent much money on advertising.

Original EB banner from 2010
Original EB banner from 2010

A majority of the growth is pure word of mouth, which impresses me the most. But there is also something to say about the technical work that I’ve put in to ensure Google and search engines also appreciate the content EB features on its pages. With that being said, my writing team also deserves credit for the site’s continued growth, because without them I wouldn’t be able to keep up with all of the opportunities that are afforded EB these days. Not to mention all of the excellent and thought provoking original pieces they’ve written.

EB, something I created on my own, has now gone on to be viewed by 1.4 million people from all over the world. While I’ll never quite be happy with traffic numbers (they can always be better, I’m a glass half empty kind of guy), I’m humbled that so many people have enjoyed, or at least seen something that I built on my own, which is now a home for other geeks that also want to share their viewpoints on the various entertainment genres that interest them. When I was a corporate lackey, I never dreamed that other people would care about something I created, nor did I ever think the Internet as a whole would give a damn. I have been proven wrong, and while I hate to be wrong, I’m quite fine with missing the mark in this instance.

To showcase how far the site has come since March of 2010, I dug up an archived version of it to see the visual differences, as well as the type of content it used to feature. You can check out a screenshot of how it used to look below, but if you click on the image you can see the entire homepage (bonus link to a post page), which is entirely different, and quite frankly very amateur looking than the 2015 version of EB.

What can I say, I was learning as I went and was self taught, but I think she finally has a modern look and feel, which reflects the growth of myself and the team behind the current iteration of Entertainment Buddha.


If you’re reading this you’re probably a true fan of the site and I want to thank you personally for being a loyal follower. You all are the reason I keep at it, so please keep spreading the good word, and if anyone ever needs a geek oriented site in their life that isn’t full of scandals, collusion allegations, and surely isn’t on the payroll of any entertainment corporation, please point them to the one site that truly will make them a better geek, one post at a time!

Here’s to the next five years my fellow geeks!


“Making you a better geek, one post at a time!”

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