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Recently, huge online retailer Zavvi decided to get in on the ‘box full o stuff’ deal, and so have released the brand spanking new ZBOX. The box is exactly what you would expect, and in it are various items of interest which relate to the theme in question. For the first month of release Zavvi opted to include not one but 2 boxes (both of which were very limited), available at £19.99 each with items inside being worth more than £45+. Below will be a quick overview detailing the contents of the box and so naturally, spoilers shall be rife.

Justice ZBOX

As the name states, this box was aimed at heroic antics and so the likes of Superman, Batman and more make a much welcomed appearance. The box contained some in all honesty, surprisingly good content which was enough to make me appreciate the effort put into pleasing fans of the geeky loot within.

Without a doubt, the crème de la crème of the box was the Batman Pop! figure that showed to me the box certainly had some sweet potential, on top of this was a pretty cool T-Shirt with the Bat himself printed in the center. Despite the Pop! figure being seemingly the best item, it was not my favorite. Oh no, that award goes to the Superman socks of which I wore on Christmas day. These you see, are no ordinary pair of socks, and feature what possibly may be the greatest invention of the 21st century. The socks have capes, which not only wash fine, but look incredible. Should the geekiness be too much however, then the option to tuck them in is of course always present.

The Justice Box also contained some other smaller gifts which rounded off the loot nicely, including a DC Justic League comic from 2012 which as someone who does not really care for them, did not appeal. I can see how it relates to the box though, and so props to the team behind the box for thinking it all through. Aside from this comic, the box also had some cards, a mini badge and a pretty nifty Superman keyring. Lastly, a magazine is included which contains dozens of products all of which of course are for sale on I feel like the magazine was a missed opportunity however, and so hope that the next magazine is less of a catalogue and more something decent to read with original content that keeps me hooked.

In all, Zavvi has done a pretty good job with its first box, and hopefully it shows great promise for what is to come in the months to follow. Check out the gallery below for some shots taken of items from the Justice Box.


Guardians of the Galaxy ZBOX

My Guardians box arrived just days after the Justice box and a day before Christmas, making it a most welcome present indeed. There was no Pop! figure in sight, but it still contained some pretty sweet loot of which I more than graciously received.

The first thing I saw was a really cool cap, which no thanks to my freakishly large head does not fit. Disregarding this, it was still a pretty cool item, which was overshadowed anyway by an even cooler T-Shirt. The T-Shirt like the previous box was white, but instead features the 4 beloved Guardians printed in a stylized black and white form. Also included was a Yoyo (yes you read that right) and a key-ring in the sweetest box ever. I had no idea that the Yoyo was still in fashion but seeing it filled me with an insane amount of happiness, even more once I saw it flash when in use.

The box also contained an iPhone 5 case, though to my disappointment I have no such phone. I do however, have one pleased Guardians fan friend who happens to own an iPhone 5. The Guardians ZBOX though still packed with geek treasure, was not quite as impressive as the Justice ZBOX but as I said, still great. Feel free to take a gander at the things in the box in the gallery below.




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