Last month I unfortunately did not provide an unboxing video of the August Indiebox due to technical reasons, though those issues have since been squashed and I have returned with a better set up than ever. I have decided to lay things out a little differently this time around by opting to include a full image of the unboxed treasure within the post for those of you not wishing to watch the entire video.

Last months Mousecraft Indiebox was somewhat lackluster since it only contained a very minimal amount of loot. In the box was of course the game and soundtrack and instruction manual, but also a thin magnetic business card and a poster. Personally I felt a lot more effort could have been put in overall, but the September box for Luftrausers has proved a massive hit with me and certainly redeemed the last box and I am sure I was not alone with how I felt. Check out the video to see all of the goodies for the September box.

Below are two images of the contents of both the August and September Indiebox, naturally, spoilers follow.

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