Entertainment Buddhacast: No Punt Intended NFL Conference Championship Preview

Whew. If you’re a fan of great football games then you might still be riding the high from that Dallas and Green Bay game. Unless you’re a fan of great football and also a Cowboys fan, in which case you may have searched the deepest depths of the Internet to try and find a real-life Neuralyzer to use on yourself and your loved ones.

Green Bay fans saw their team race out to a giant lead, then watched it dissipate, then watched Dallas not use their final timeout or continue to use Ezekiel Elliott to rip through the swiss-cheese defense that showed up in the latter stages of the game. But at the end of it all, an Aaron Rodgers improv play with Jared Cook’s Pee-Wee Herman impression and two Mason Crosby screwballs sealed the deal for the table running Packers.

Immediately after one of the most exciting games in NFL playoff history, the Steelers beat the Chiefs by kicking six field goals and scoring exactly zero touchdowns. Andy Reid losing by a bunch of field goals in a playoff game is an incredible Andy Reid thing to do.

In the Saturday games, Atlanta rolled the Seahawks and the Pats let the Texans score a few points before doing that thing they do when they go “oh you scored 16 points on us, that’s cute. No we’re gonna beat you by 18”.

As for our picks, Justin and I both hit 3-1, with Justin’s lone loss coming from the Dallas loss, while yours truly chose poorly by taking Seattle +4.

Our picks are in for the Conference Championships, along with a lengthy discussion surrounding wafffles, so be sure to check it out by subscribing on iTunes or listening in the soundbar below.


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