Entertainment Buddhacast: No Punt Intended Super Bowl Edition

We’re just days away from one of the biggest sporting events held each year, and of the potential 31 teams (sorry, can’t count Cleveland), we’re down to just Atlanta and New England biding for the top spot and the chance to smear the Lombardi Trophy with fingerprints that could get lifted by someone and used in home invasions. Seriously though, that would be a movie I would watch. One of those guys that always escorts the trophy secretly uses tape to pull fingerprints of the players, owner, and even the commissioner to leave behind at the scene of the crime. How confusing would it be for the police to round up players from the winning team and Roger Goodell to bring in for questioning?

Anyway, now that the final game is upon us, Justin and I make our final selections for who we think is going to win the Big Game, but once that’s out of the way we discuss the fun prop bets, real or otherwise. What color hoodie is Belichick going to wear? Who’s going to win MVP? How many Girl Scout cookies will Justin eat during the game? These are the burning questions.

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