Epic Devs Dive Deep into ‘Fortnite’ at E3 Coliseum, Announces PS4 Exclusive Heroes

Couch forts. Nostalgia. Communication between developer and player. All of these things are very nice things, and this Fortnite talk during the E3 Coliseum brings it all.

Creative Director Darren Sugg and Executive Producer Zak Phelps of Epic Games talk at great lengths about the development of Fortnite and all of its phases that lead to what it is now: a stylized, base-building, teamwork-heavy, zombie-killing cooperative experience. They show a previous art direction that looks far grittier than what we see today. It’s all pretty fascinating.

If you don’t have the 25 minutes to watch the video above (even if you do!), check out the PS4 gameplay interview from PlayStation Live down below. Sugg reveals four exclusive heroes for PS4 owners that rep the PlayStation color scheme, but if that doesn’t interest you at all there’s still a ton of Fortnite gameplay footage to gawk over. Check it out!

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