Epic Games, How About a Shotgun Only Mutator for Gears of War 3?

Unfortunately for us Gears of War fans the Gears 3 beta is on its way out the door this Sunday May 15.  It’s been an amazing 4 weeks of playing the beta, and without a doubt I feel like Gears 3 will have the most solid multiplayer component in the series’ history.  The beta should have given Epic plenty of data to make the changes that they need to before the game ships in September, so we should be getting a very stable experience right out of the gate unlike the Gears 2 mess.  During the Gears 3 beta I’ve enjoyed some of the mutators that @EpicCog has been implementing such as the rabbit heads, and super deformed mode, but I’d really like to see a mutator that creates a shotgun only match type.

The beauty of the Gears of War multiplayer experience has always been the fact that each round of every match feels personal.  They feel more intimate than traditional shooters, because most battles come down to mano y mano type of duels that truly test each gamer’s skill, versus how well someone knows how to hide in places that make for some easy kills (Uh COD).  Nothing makes these duels more exhilarating than when both gamers are rocking Gnashers (Shotty), or even the new DBS (double barrel shotty).  To me, your success in Gears of War mulitplayer comes down to how well you can wield one of these weapons of instagibbing awesomeness.  This is why I’d love to see a mutator that only allows you to be equipped with the Gnasher, or the DBS.

These Tools Make for a Rough Day When You’re on the Receiving End

I feel if this match type existed it would easily become one of the favorite proving grounds for serious Gears MP gamers around the Globe.  Who wouldn’t love the opportunity to just go at it man versus man, or wo-mans for that matter, with just your trusty shotty at your side?  There would be no worries of some bozo hammering you from a mile a way with a lancer, or the fear of being blown up by a digger launcher.  Sure these weapons are wonderful, but sometimes I just want to fight like a warrior, and there’s no better way to do that than having a shotgun dance with your opponent.  I can just imagine the clusterf*ck of blood and guts spewing through the air during some of the larger player scrums in an all shotty game mode.

Nothing is More Satisfying Than Liquefying Somebody Encroaching on Your Hill

What are some of your thoughts on the idea of a shotty only game mode in Gears of War 3?  Does it sound like something you would get into, or do you prefer the variety of weapons to be made available to you?  I’m not calling for this to be a standard match type, but a mutator shouldn’t be out of the question.  I really feel like it’d be a wonderful way to change the game up for a few matches, as well as showcasing who has the supreme blasting skills in close quarters combat.  Hey, at least we can dream for now.  Let us know what you think by using the comments section below.  You’ve been hoping that Epic Games miraculously finds this post and accommodates my request…


This Is Why Shotty’s Rule!

(Not me, but this highlights the awesome abilities of the Shotty)



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