The Unreal Engine 4 is pretty much already one of the most mind-blowing game engines of all-time. Leave it up to Epic Games to be the ones to flesh it out to it’s fullest extent, they’ve really knocked it out of the park with this one, too.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a tech demo for a game, but it’s actually a scene made up of assets from The Last Jedi. It’s just a couple of stormtroopers bad-mouthing Captain Phasma and then getting surprised by her presence on an elevator. Not that that’s anything crazy in and of itself, but it’s when you’re watching this scene and realize that it’s animated and not live-action that it really blows your brain out your ass.

Captain Phasma’s armor is the most amazing shit I’ve ever seen in terms of something being animated, it’s beautiful the way that all of the lights reflect off of it. Even the plain old storm trooper armor looks amazing, everything looks amazing, you need to watch this! If we start getting games that look this good running in-engine within a couple of years, video games will officially be  as close to real-life as possible.

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