Late yesterday evening I received an email from Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney, which informed me that my credentials for their sites and forums may have been compromised.  Luckily Epic doesn’t collect credit card information on their websites, so the breech isn’t super serious, but it’s still worrisome that some d*ck may have my credentials.  The email from Epic has a link to reset your password, and it hints at the attack being remedied, but this trend of video game related sites getting hacked is starting to disturb me.  You’d think that most hackers are also gamers, and that they wouldn’t want to jack with their brethren, but that’s obviously not the case.  I just don’t get what these turds get out of hacking sites like Epic’s, which house less than valuable user data.  Some0ne always has to p*ss on the parade right?  The full Epic Games hack email is posted below for your reading pleasure.  You’ve been needing to change yet another password related to your gaming hobby…

Email Notice that Epic Games Sites and Forums Were Hacked

Our Epic Games web sites and forums were recently hacked.  After some downtime, they’re back up and running now.

The hackers may have obtained the email addresses and encrypted passwords of forum users. Plaintext passwords weren’t revealed, but it’s possible that those passwords could be obtained by a brute-force attack on the encrypted passwords. Therefore, we have reset all passwords.  Your new password at the bottom of this message.

The Unreal Developer Network (UDN) hasn’t been compromised.  Thankfully, none of our web sites ask for, or store, credit card information or other financial data.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience, and appreciate everyone’s patience as we wrestle our servers back under control.

Tim Sweeney
Founder, Epic Games Inc


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