Epic Trailer for Live Action Angry Birds Movie From Fake Michael Bay

Angry Birds has officially taken over the world.  I don’t think you can go anywhere these days without hearing a reference to them, or wasting time playing with them on your phone.  There have been some other live-action Angry Birds trailers, but none of them stack up to this newest one by the team that first introduced the geek world to ‘Red vs. Blue’.  If you don’t know what that is you’ve officially lost your gamer card and should go back to playing Solitaire you n00b!

Anyway, the team at Rooster Teeth put together Angry Bird’s newest big screen pitch in a style that can only be compared to Michael Bay films.  ‘Angry Birds: The Movie’ has all of Bay’s signature techniques, which are, well, I guess his only technique, over-the-top action.  The trailer does a great job of showcasing what military life would be like if you’re only weapons were a slingshot and some oblong bird bodies.

Put the trailer aside and just think how insane it is that a game originally made for the iPhone has now become one of the most prominent entities in pop culture!  Talk about creating your own gold, which the team at Rovio has done with their feathery franchise.  It’s just amazing to think where the simple mobile game has come from, and what it has become now.  Angry Birds is probably as recognizable as a Super Mario Bros., or Sonic game, which have both been around for decades.  The power of mobile gaming can no longer be overlooked, because you never know when a simple concept can take off.  True genius!  You’ve been wishing you invented Angry Birds…

‘Angry Birds: The Movie’


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