Episode Two of ‘Batman: The Enemy Within’ Gets a Release Date

Gamescom is happening right now and with it, we are getting tons of new announcements. This one comes from the folks at Telltale Games. We now have a release date for the second episode of the five episode series, Batman: The Enemy Within. Harley Quinn will be making her debut in this second episode. Telltale is working hard to represent Harley in a way that captures her essential qualities while still making her unique to this game. You will notice that her relationship with, “John Doe,” which fans all know is the Joker, will be especially intriguing.

This second episode will be available to download for the major consoles on September 26th. On the same day, the first two episodes will be up for download on the Google play store and on the iOS App Store. If you played the first Telltale Batman game, your choices carry over into the second season, so I’d recommend checking that out before stepping into season 2. Check out the pictures of Harley and ‘John Doe’ below!

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