Essential iPhone Camera Accessories: Dot 360 and the Shutter Grip

I love the iPhone for a plethora of reasons, and it’s stellar camera is among the top features that I applaud it for.  With the iPhone 4 and 4s, amateur photographers and professionals alike can capture stunning images, and HD videos with their freaking phone, which is nothing short of amazing.  With the iPhone 4/4S you don’t need a high-end camera to take pictures like a pro.  All you need is a steady hand, and some digital help from the wide selection of photo editing apps available to use for taking and editing photos like a National Geographic Photo Journalist (that’s a bit of an embellishment, but not too far off from reality).

Unfortunately, the iPhone 4 and 4S aren’t perfectly suited for taking awesome pictures on a regular basis.  Sometimes the device can feel awkward while trying to snap a shot using its touchscreen controls, and/or the newly added volume button controls.  For me personally I always struggle trying to maintain a steady hand while using these less than perfect iPhone camera controls, which can result in the need for multiple shots just to guarantee a perfect picture will be present in the group.  There’s nothing worse than going to your camera roll to review some of your perceived perfect pics only to find them to contain blurry images.  On the bright side though, there are a few attachments that you can purchase to help alleviate some of these frustrating iPhone camera quality issues.

Belkin iPhone Shutter Grip

Thanks to Belkin’s iPhone Shutter Grip attachment any photographer can add the extra stability needed to execute perfect, unblurred shots every time.  This little piece of hardware attaches to your phone to give you a more traditional camera grip to hold onto while framing your subjects.  It even adds a shutter button to complete the illusion of holding an actual camera in your hands.  This device can also be used to quickly film videos with a simple tap of a new camera button.  You can even record still shots while shooting video with the iPhone Shutter Grip making it a must have accessory for any serious iPhone photographer.  This device retails for $40 and can be ordered from this website.

iPhone Shutter Grip Gallery

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Dot from Kogeto

Now if you want to take your iPhone 4, or 4S’s video camera to the next level then you’ll need the Kogeto Dot 360 degree attachment.  This magical piece of equipment can turn your iPhone into a panoramic video capturing machine.  The best part is that it requires no software to stitch your video together!  The panoramic scene is all captured via its iCONIC lens, so regardless if you’re at a concert, or just taking a walk, the Dot will capture your entire surroundings with the flick of a button.  The Dot is from Kogeto and retails for $49.99.  You can order yours from this link.

Demo of what the Dot can do

(You can click in spin in the video while it is playing)

Both the iPhone Shutter Grip from Belkin, and the Dot from Kogeto will make your iPhone an even more robust camera than it already is.  The stability from the Shutter Grip will help to eliminate those annoying blurry pictures while the Dot can give you the ability to capture your surrounding in 360 degrees of awesomeness.  Make sure to pick them up today if you want to take your iPhone photography hobby to the next level!  You’ve been thinking you want both of these, but you’d like to know if there will be a new iPhone in 2012 so you don’t waste your money…

Buy the Belkin iPhone Shutter Grip

Buy the Kogeto Dot 360 degree video attachment


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