When Thomas Finch’s father passed away, he did not want to simply remember him through an old photo or a fun memory. Instead, Thomas wanted something that would not only last a lifetime, but something that would also stay with him as a legacy of sorts forever. Something not just he would experience. Ethereal is that something.

Ethereal is a beautiful puzzle platforming game where the player controls a spirit who must traverse multiple environments on a 2D plane. In Ethereal, jumping will not be available, but in its place will be a whole slew of different options which will in turn keep the experience as fresh as it can possibly be. An ever expanding skill set does not go without use, however, since the spirit will face various trials and tribulations throughout its life, through various gameplay set pieces that focus on the memories both bad and good that the spirit has gone through as a human.

Ethereal also features hell hounds on top of its platforming segments, which will attempt to drag the spirit into the deep depths of hell as it tries to get through each of the game’s levels.

The game sounds pretty dark, though interesting to say the least. If the trailer above touches you on a spiritual level, you can support Ethereal yourself on the games Kickstarter page and help Thomas and his team fund his father’s legacy.


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