Even the Justice League Gets Dusted in the Ant-Man and the Wasp How it Should’ve Ended Parody

The How It Should Have Ended YouTube channel has released its take on how certain key scenes, and ultimately the climax of Ant-Man and the Wasp should have gone, and they even managed to loop in a few members of the Justice League.

The parody starts by providing different takes on a few of the film’s early key scenes, such as when Wasp first fights Ghost, in which the parody asks why Wasp didn’t just shrink herself with the case and fly away with her wings. It does make sense, but like most of the HISHE team’s parodies, they go after movie logic as if it were real life, so while the alternate take they provide for scenes makes complete logical sense, it’s not like the actual scene was completely ridiculous.

It also covers the film’s ultimate ending, which is the post-credit scene in which Ant-Man gets trapped in the Quantum Realm. While it also makes some good points about that scene, the true gem of the parody is when the action shifts to the Superhero Cafe. Batman and Superman are of course there, and they happen to get caught up in Thanos’ snap, but Batman somehow Batman’s his way out of it.

Check it out above.


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