Everspace Greenlight UE4 Gameplay Trailer

Everspace is a gorgeous, in-depth take on space shooters, with a non-linear storyline and stuff like resource gathering, a customizable ship, and all kinds of awesome combat. Running on the Unreal Engine 4, it looks absolutely amazing, like a Star Fox game, but made by Bioware rather than Nintendo.

For those that were a little bummed that the new Star Fox game is going to be mostly played with the gamepad, this may just be the answer to your prayers thanks to all of the fast-paced action you know and love, and being able to play from a first-person cockpit view.

UE4 seems almost like a pipe dream, I mean, I didn’t grow up with Atari, but even starting with the Sega Genesis, looking at games running on UE4 gives me somewhat motion sickness, but I still can’t look away, I’m super excited to see the future of gaming with visuals like this.


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