Everspace Kickstarter Launches in August

Everspace is a beautiful looking new IP from Rockfish Games that’s coming to PC, and its Kickstarter will be launching in August.

This is one of the first PC games I might actually fund myself, it looks beautiful and sounds cool! It’s a rogue-like space shooter that features a unique non-linear storyline offering exciting new ways to play every time you start. I mean who wouldn’t wanna try that? It’s almost like Starfox has been hijacked by a crazy Indie dev and pumped with new-generation ideas and technology (and no, I’m not talking about using a Wii U gamepad to play Starfox Zero, because nobody was asking for that).

Check out the screenshots we’ve got for you and see for yourself what could be an awesome new game to fund! If you’re interested you can subscribe to the game’s official newsletter to find out when the Kickstarter will, uh, kick off!

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