I’m actually questioning my manhood even discussing Kate Gosselin, but she seems to be quite the media darling, so I’ll cater to the masses.  My question is, “Why is this mother of 8 reality train wreck so fascinating?”  She is being rewarded with fame just on the fact that she had 8 babies with some loser husband.  Has our appetite for quality TV sunk that low?

I believe it’s human nature to be fascinated with other people’s disasterous lives, but hasn’t Kate and her brood worn out their welcome already?  Look at the mess she’s become on ‘Dancing With the Stars’.  She’s a joke on the show and even the judges are calling her ‘crap’ on the late night circuit.  Why is she still on the show then if it’s really about dancing skills?

She’s still on the show because the American public loves seeing her make an ass out of herself, and I think these voting shows are rigged anyway.  If you watch the show please don’t vote for her.  Actually, just do yourself a favor and quit watching ‘Dancing With the Stars’ altogether.  Watch ‘Lost’ or catch up on

You’ve been scolded…

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