Everyone pranks Hux In This Parody of The Last Jedi’s Opening Confrontation

The Auralnauts have released a new Star Wars: The Last Jedi parody, and it takes many liberties with the film’s opening confrontation between General Hux and Poe Dameron. In particular, the parody focuses in on Hux’s speech to Poe over the comms channel when Poe is buying time for his booster to charge up. Instead of Poe being a wise ass to Hux though, other prank callers give the General a hard time.

You will hear the likes of the Jerky Boys, Creepio, Liam Neeson’s Taken character, Arnold’s character from Kindergarten Cop, and many other famous characters busting Hux’s balls over the comms channel as his junior officers look upon him with smirks. The bit works really well, so head on up above to check it out. A full list of prank callers can be found below.

The Callers

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