Everything you need to know about Apple’s New iPhone 5

Tim Cook and friends are still putting on their press event, but they’ve moved on to the boring stuff like iTunes and iPods, so I’m taking this break as a chance to dish on the iPhone 5.  Yes.  The iPhone 5!  It’s officially, and it’s awesome.  Overall it still resembles the iPhone models that are currently available for sale, but Apple has made many improvements to the hardware that make it a must buy for this fanboy!

Rather than me droning on about it, why don’t you head on down below to read the bullet points for this sexy a*s bitch of a device.  I’ve also included an image gallery to soak in the 5’s new design.  The iPhone 5 will go on sale this Friday (9/14) for pre-order, and it’ll start shipping on 9/21.  Prices are the same as the iPhone 4S with a 2-year contract (when it was new).

Why you should upgrade to the new iPhone 5

  1. Because it’s awesome and everything Apple makes will melt your face off (sorry the fanboy in me can’t help himself)
  2. Thinnest and lightest iPhone to date: 7.6mm thick 18% smaller than 4S and 112grams 20% lighter than 4S
  3. Completely made out of glass and aluminum
  4. 326ppi Retina display with a 1136×640 display: Taller but not wider for easy 1-hand grip
  5. Now supports 5 rows of icons for those of you who like the cluttered look
  6. 44% better color saturation
  7. LTE support with a single chip and dual channel wireless with up to 150Mbps speeds
  8. New A6 CPU which boast 2x faster speed and graphics
  9. 8 hour battery life for 3G and LTE use and 10 hours for wireless browsing
  10. Same camera as 4S but thinner and with a new dynamic low light shooting mode
  11. Camera takes pics 40% faster and has built-in panorama function
  12. 1080p rear camera video with better stabilization
  13. 720p front facing camera for FaceTime
  14. FaceTime will now work over cellular networks
  15. New “Lightning” connector dock: digital, 8-pin, and reversible making it easier to use (dongles will be created for backwards compatibility to old stye dock connectors)
  16. Siri is more robust: She can launch apps now (could be for 4S too via iOS 6)
  17. 2 colors: Black and White (White model will have a brushed aluminum looking back side)
  18. Same price as the iPhone 4S with a 2-yr contract: $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB, and $399 for 64GB
  19. Pre-orders begin Friday 9/14 with a 9/21 ship date
  20. IT JUST WORKS! – RIP Steve Jobs

So what do you think fanboys and haters?  Will you be upgrading like a good geek should, or is the iPhone 5 not what you were expecting?  I’ve already seen some bitching from media members about the lack of NFC and micro-USB, but if they weren’t dummies they’d know that Apple will never include ports for expanded storage.  It’s never happening, so why get bent out of shape over it?  Honestly, with so many Clouds these days why do you even need a data expansion port?  Think about it.  I know it hurts sometimes, but you can figure this one out.

Anyway, let us know what you think about Apple’s new iPhone 5, or their presser as a whole by using the comment section below.  I thought it went pretty well.  Not so interested in the new iPods, but that’s because I’m an iPhone user, so I don’t see the need for one of them.  Although, if you’re in the market for a multimedia music player the new Touch looks to outclass the competition by a mile.  I’m also interested in checking out the new EarPods, which are said to revolutionize how headphones fit and work in your ugly a*s ears.    You’ve been updated by an Apple fanboy…

Link to iPhone 5 promo vid starring Jony Ive

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