With an alpha released, a huge beta coming very shortly (less than 2 days to be precise), and more screen shots and videos for Destiny than you could ever need, Bungie has gone and released another for you viewing pleasure, and is it a corker. Though short, the video in question gives Bungie the perfect opportunity to brag about their space baby.

The Beta appears to bring much more content than the alpha offered up and could probably be sold in its current state considering just how much hype is surrounding Destiny.

You can expect to become really attached to your character and then cry for days when the Beta is terminated. Despite this, the Beta will give players a chance to become familiar with the mechanics of Destiny, and the transfer to the full game should in turn be a much smoother operation. The Destiny Beta hits PlayStation consoles first on July 17th, and then Xbox systems on July 23rd, expect to see lots from us as Destiny makes its way to release via the Guardians over at Bungie, and their techno wizardry.


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