Everything You Needed to Know About Bayonetta in 60 Seconds

Platinum Games’ Bayonetta is nothing if not over-the-top. Sporting the sleek moves of the titular character and non-stop (infinite climax) gameplay, Bayonetta and its sequel have kept gamers on the tip of their seats for years.

All of this action does come at the price of one crazy ass story. Even if you dig the Bayonetta games, there’s no guarantee that you will actually know what’s going on.

That is, until you watch LORE’s take on Bayonetta’s fiction in a mere minute.

The video, which you can see above, goes into some great detail despite its short length. Covering the Bayonetta backstory and some of the weird stuff that comes with it, after watching the LORE video, you’ll be all set to kick some more ass.

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Raymond Porreca

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