One of the most interesting indie games of recent years, Evoland, is getting sequel.

The newly announced title from developer Shiro Games, Evoland 2: A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder, looks to carry on the tradition of RPG-era shifting goodness that its predecessor championed.

Evoland first drew attention because of its evolving gameplay, starting players off in a 2D world with limited movement and ultimately letting the player evolve more skills and abilities that mirrored the growth of the role-playing genre. Evoland 2, despite having a mouthful of a full name, looks to build upon this formula while adding more genre influences into the mix.

While not much else is currently known about Evoland 2, the first screenshots released for the game, which can be found below, share a little bit of insight into the changes that players will be going through during the game. Perhaps, the reference to a spacetime continuum disorder in the game’s title is also a nod towards time-travelling a la Chrono Trigger?

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