Evolve’s Fourth Monster Teased; Meet the Behemoth

A brand spanky new teaser has come out for Evolve showcasing the new monster in the game, the Behemoth, and it actually looks pretty damn big and scary even compared to previous monsters. It look like it’s going to be much more mobile than the other monsters, sporting a spiky morph-ball-esque form that’s capable of tumbling around like a cannonball. So for fans of more mobile gameplay, it looks like this is the monster for you, and only time will tell if the Behemoth is going to have other abilities, but it’ll be sweet to find out more!

Our own Owen Hibbert dug up a few more official details that you can check out below.

The Behemoth is a giant rock based monster that will be the largest of all the monster types available. With this size comes massive strength, though the cost of said strength will be a huge lack of speed and overall mobility. For all the details, check the skinny on the gigantic beast below.

It is the largest monster in Evolve. It is the largest monster there will ever be in Evolve. He was literally made as large as we could make him.

Everything the hunters have learned, how to deal with Goliath’s epic Leap Strike and Flame Breath, how to jetpack dodge Kraken’s Lightning Strike, how to recognize Wraith’s Decoy, all that is useless.

Against Behemoth, it’s a new game.

Hunters must now deal with a rolling juggernaut. A creature so powerful it summons massive walls of rock to block off the terrain, isolate and destroy individual hunters, or shield itself from their weapons. It hurls exploding blasts of magma at anyone foolish enough to fight it.

Behemoth is so large, he cannot leap or jump. He moves by rolling across the landscape like a juggernaut. He can climb, but just as the hunters must develop new strategies, so must Behemoth players. Climbing is slow, and when you are slow, you are an easy target. It’s almost always better to roll away.

He has the most armor, the most health and you do NOT want to be on the receiving end of a punch. He’ll need it. Because he’s so big, he’s slower and presents a much larger target.

No humans can stand against it. The hunters are doomed.

Here’s why…

  • Lava Bombs: Effective at short and long range, these mortar bombs shatter into fragments and continue to burn the area around them, including any Hunters who find themselves in the damage radius.
  • Rock Wall: Creates a large, semi-circular rock structure that either traps victims inside with Behemoth, or locks him away from attackers.
  • Tongue Grab: Behemoth uses his harpoon-like tongue to snatch a distant target and pull it into melee.
  • Fissure: A wave of destruction blasts out of Behemoth, fracturing the terrain and scalding and stunning everything in its path.

Come say hello, big guy.

Evolve will be available on February 10th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Pre-ordering Evolve will give players access to the Behemoth free of charge as part of the monster pack.


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