EW Dishes on The Avengers Cast, New Pics and Details Emerge

Entertainment Weekly has put out an issue of their magazine that features the stars of next years The Avengers movie on the cover, and an in-depth article about the production itself.  Honestly, if you’ve been following all of the Summer spoilers from this film’s various set locations there isn’t much in regards to new news in the EW article, but it did contain some new pictures, as well as what to expect out of some of the cast in regards to their character motivations in this Marvel movie versus their individual ones.  If you’re interested in reading what the cast of The Avengers had to say in the EW article head on down after the break to read some snippets of the original piece.  You will find that some of the actor’s quotes do reveal some plot details, so if you’re avoiding SPOILERS don’t read past the break.  You can read the full article here if you’d like.

Interesting Highlights from the EW Avengers Issue

Mark Ruffalo on the HULK

“He’s the most – guy, but a total loose cannon,” says Mark Ruffalo of playing Dr. Bruce Banner/The Hulk, “No one wants to set him off except for Iron Man… who just wants to see him pop. It’s funny, there’s a really cool dynamic between Tony Stark and Banner. Banner actually enjoys it, and finds it really refreshing. They’re a lot alike in a strange way. They’re both these kind of scientists who are mavericks, kind of renegades. Banner, for all his mild-mannered mythology, he’s still the dude who was testing some pretty crazy s–t on himself, so he has that rebel streak in him.”

Jeremy Renner on Hawkeye

“[Hawkeye is] the only one who can really take down The Hulk with his tranq tip arrows,” says Renner, adding “…The only sort of thing I cling to is the relationship of past experiences with Scarlett’s character, with them both being human. ”  

This is in reference to Hawkeye being the one Avenger who can take out the Hulk with special tranq tipped arrows.  I guess the team as a whole is unsure about the Hulk being involved because, well, he’s the Hulk.

Chris Evans on the Cap

“It’s just about him trying to come to terms with the modern world,” Evans explains, “You’ve got to imagine, it’s enough of a shock to accept the fact that you’re in a completely different time, but everybody you know is dead. Everybody you cared about.. [E]verybody he went to battle with, all of his brothers in arms, they’re all dead. He’s just lonely. I think in the beginning it’s a fish out of water scene, and it’s tough. It’s a tough pill for him to swallow.”

Chris Hemsworth on Thor

“I think [Thor’s] motivation is much more of a personal one,” he says, “in the sense that it’s his brother that is stirring things up. Whereas everyone else, it’s some bad guy who they’ve gotta take down. It’s a different approach for me, or for Thor… I’ve been frustrated with my brothers at times, or family, but I’m the only one who is allowed to be angry at them. There’s a bit of that.”

Set and Cast Pics from the EW Article

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