Ewan McGregor Hasn’t Lost His Lightsaber Skills Yet

McGregor is truly one of the shining beacons of light from the Star Wars prequels, but even he had a hard time delivering Lucas’ bland dialogue in an entertaining fashion.  Regardless, he’s a pro and a fine actor, so I don’t blame him for the sh*ttiness of those films.  In a recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show Ewan was reintroduced to a replica lightsaber, which he immediately picked up to show off the saber skills he learned many years ago.  The dude can still handle one like a Jedi, but I don’t know how many of them would use it as a baseball bat.  Check out the shenanigans below.  You’ve still been pretending that the prequels are good…

Ewan McGregor on The Graham Norton Show


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