Carrier is the latest, and definitely greatest addition to the Exo Zombies storyline.

Carrier is adding a ton of new features, weapons, power-ups, and other stuff to the formula. Not only all that, but Bruce frickin’ Campbell is now one of the main stars of the already strong cast of characters, and you just know there’s gonna be plenty of boomstick one-liners shouted across microphones whenever his player gets a shotgun.

Sentinel is going to play a bigger part in this part of the story, which is cool to see, because maybe we’ll be seeing some memorable characters from the main campaign, who knows?

Since there’s still one more DLC coming out for Advanced Warfare, I’m so unbelievably pumped to see what they could possibly do to top what’s already coming in Supremacy and Carrier. Check out the trailer above and get psyched for the explosive new Exo Zombies DLC!

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