Infection is the newest Exo Zombies map that’s coming with the Ascendance DLC, and it’s finally got its own full-fledged trailer. It’s a direct sequel to the last Exo Zombies and stars the same 4 main characters, but with new elements thrown into the mix, like new zombies, guns, and objectives.

No longer is the only objective to survive, there are now other survivors that you have to protect and rescue with the help of air support. Speaking of air support, it appears that players will be able to call in a helicopter to mow down zombies with its machine guns, since most of this map takes place outdoors. New traps will be available including a possible sewer gator trap, which sounds absolutely awesome to me, I’d love to sic a gator on zombies.

New zombie types are making an appearance too, like a Goliath-armor-wearing zombie who will presumably be a royal pain to take down, so you’re going to need teamwork to take him down while also avoiding all the other zombies. Be on the lookout for it on Xbox Live on March 31!


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