Extensive Culture Meets Beautiful Artwork in ‘The Mooseman’

Indie games come in many shapes and sizes. There are some titles that try to rival the biggest AAA games and some that are barely three hours long. The Mooseman falls within the second of the two. The Mooseman tells the story set in the myths of finno-ugric tribes, which I didn’t know was a thing until I delved into this venture. I will tell you now that I was able to finish The Mooseman in one sitting in a little less than three hours. The Mooseman is a simple game with very simple controls and it shows that developers can make intricate games with just a few controls. The art work in this game also looks to be all hand drawn and is absolutely gorgeous. The Mooseman invokes feelings through it’s storytelling and artwork, all while introducing new puzzles as you traverse through the game.

I have seen some beautiful indie games in my time, but nothing as gorgeous and impactful as The Mooseman. You are the Mooseman and you alone have the ability to see things that the mortal eye cannot see. This is done by pressing one button and it shifts your vision to another plane of existence. The way Vladimir Beletsky and Mikhail Shvachko do this is by changing things white and revealing new objects in the world. You would have to use this vision to be able to advance in the world, revealing that objects were actually alive and they would change the landscape in which you walked on. Playing the game in this view opened up new paths for you to explore and would even lead to new secrets. You also end up getting another ability that wards of evil which you have to balance out near the end of the game.

The puzzles in The Mooseman are deceptively intricate. There are simple things like making a face out of a rotating circle to memorizing sounds and visuals and repeating it back to the game in a Simon says like fashion. I wish that there were more of these puzzles in the game, but I accept the fact that this was more of a storytelling experience than anything else. The enemies in the game weren’t really difficult to deal with as you had a damage blocking ability that you could use whenever you want after a certain point in the game. The Mooseman is definitely a game you need to experience for yourself to believe. There are some truly beautiful moments in this game that deserved to be viewed by every gamer, no matter your preference. You absolutely need to buy this game!

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'The Mooseman' Review Summary

Story - 10
Gameplay - 9.5
Graphics - 10
Sound - 9.5
Entertainment Value - 9.5



The Mooseman is one of the most beautiful, impactful games I've played in a long time. There isn't much that holds this game back besides the fact that there isn't more to it. Excellent storytelling of a not so well known culture weaves a story that is told in a breathtaking experience. Buy this game.

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