One of the more interesting games I had the pleasure to check out while at this year’s E3 was Extinction, which is a new third person action game being worked on by Iron Galaxy. I met with Geoff Mendicino and Victor Lugo from the development team while at the show, and after listening to their passion for the game and seeing it in action, I’m definitely expecting this new IP to be a sleeper hit during the early part of 2018.

The demo I saw took place during the fifth chapter of Extinction’s story mode. You will be in control of a deadly warrior named Aville, who is part of an elite group of sentinels created to take down massive 150-foot tall Ravenii beasts — or as I like to call them — big ass ogre looking masses of destruction hell bent on destroying the last bastions of humanity.

The core aspect of Extinction’s gameplay revolves around Aville’s parkour-like abilities and mastery of a whip and sword. I was treated to Aville taking down a Ravenii, which I have to add are very imposing in every sense of the word. You truly realize their 150-foot height thanks to how the camera pans in ultra-close to provide a sense of scale as Aville works through the ogre’s various armor. The goal is to destroy said armor to lop off appendages to ultimately bring down the behemoth for a decapitation to end the battle.

These encounters are something amazing to take in, so I can only imagine how insane they’ll be to take on myself. There’s definitely more strategy to these battles than just hacking away randomly at limbs, because if you take to long to kill the Ravenii it will start to regenerate its lost limbs. They also have minions to support them, so things can go south very fast leading to a quick death.

At times they literally take up the entire map, so you need to scale their entire bodies, which is akin to scaling a skyscraper that happens to be alive. Agility and fast twitch maneuvers are essential to killing a Ravenii, because of their size and their reactions to you trying to kill them.

The dynamic between Aville and the Ravenii is best described as an ant to a human. Luckily Aville can jump around town as if he were in the Assassin’s from the Assassin’s Creed franchise. I can only describe his attack abilities as a more light footed Kratos who also can use a whip to slow time and pull off amazing trick jumps. These allow him to get the position he needs to strike at the ogre’s armor and limbs, as well to just look like a super hero as he jumps, twists, and leaps about town with ease.

The end goal is to ultimately protect the last cities of humanity, which also involves saving citizens by sending them through portals. Unfortunately this usually leads to more minions to fight, as well as the eventual arrival of another Ravenii, or multiple for that matter.

The demo ended after a few impressive examples of what gamers will experience, and for a pre-alpha build I was encouraged greatly by what I saw and heard from the developers. This game kind of feels like its antagonists are on steroids and could compete with some of the most massive video game bosses you’ve ever seen. I’ll be watching this game’s progress closely, so stay tuned for more Extinction updates as they become available.


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