‘Extinction’ Early Campaign Gameplay Preview and Ravenii Death Montage

Extinction from Iron Galaxy is set to debut on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on April 10th, and we were lucky enough to get our hand on it early for a preview. While we can’t offer up our final review score until the embargo lifts, we are able to show off the game in action, so that’s what I did by recording some of its early campaign gameplay.

In particular, the footage for the narrated gameplay content in the video above is from the second level of the game’s first campaign chapter. It’s a good level to show off because it introduces many of the game’s core mechanics, which you must master early on for any chance of success moving forward. You’ll see how a campaign mission is setup in this dynamically generated world. This mission has you saving peasants to earn enough power to take down a Ravenii, which are 150-feet tall ogres hellbent on snuffing out every last bastion of humanity. It’s up to you as Avil to stop these masses of destructive flesh, so you’ll have to master his frenetically paced combat and parkour style moves for any chance of victory.

At the end of the mission I’ve also included a montage of Ravenii kills, because quite frankly it’s all you really do in Extinction, but I’ll have more on that potential issue in the full review, which should be on the site sometime tomorrow. For now check out what Extinction has to offer by watching our gameplay preview above.

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