‘Extinction’ Trailer Shows Off a Beautifully Brutal Story

Iron Galaxy and Maximum Games formulated a brand new, fast-paced action game: Extinction. Before you continue, go watch the trailer above. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Okay, you done now? Great. Wonderful. Now agree with me in thinking that this trailer looks great! For depicting something so violent, it is gorgeous and bright. Anyways, let us get into the meat.

Legend tells of an ancient evil, called the Ravenii which are armies of bloodthirsty monsters that threatened to destroy mankind at one point in time. War is a constant in human history–kingdoms battling kingdoms, countries battling countries and brother versing brother. Only a select few who are trained in the ancient order can stand to take on the 150-foot tall ogres and the bloodthirsty armies that follow. You are the last of the Sentinels, a soldier named Avil, with a skill set specific en0ugh that allows him to take on these threats.

You will use this skill set to dismember and decimate your enemies in face paced combat. You will always utilize aerial and ground combat, depending on the scenario. There are tons of modes that will keep you occupied while you play through Extinction. There is a deep campaign mode that will see Avil saving civilians from the impending destruction from the Ravenii. Every battlefield will be different from the last and will be fully destructible. This is a feature that many games need to have; I enjoy smashing buildings any way I can see fit. The different skill trees allow for different play styles, too, so you can have a new experience each time. Extinction Mode is exactly how it sounds: fight against endless hordes of enemies using your skills to overcome the opposing army.

Make sure to check out the trailer above, then watch E3 to see if anymore information releases for Extinction!


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