Eyce is an innovative company in the smoking apparatus space thanks to its use of silicone to create its products. One of its latest innovations is the Eyce Mold 2.0 water pipe, which EB was sent for review, and after using it I can confirm that with a little patience, it very well may be the last water pipe you’ll ever have to buy. That’s its tagline, and I do think if people can deal with the rather lengthy routine of getting your own ice water pipe created, it very well could be the last one you’ll ever need.

The Eyce Mold 2.0 is exactly that, a silicone mold that allows you to create water pipes that are completely made out of ice. If you thought putting ice cubes in a traditional water pipe produced some chilled smoke, wait until you try a pipe made out of ice! The chill factor is incomparable, and it is easily one of the best features of this mold system. Plus, thanks to the pipe being completely made out of ice, you never have to worry about cleaning nasty resin left from whatever herbs you choose to smoke, nor do you have to worry about glass breaking since this thing can break, but can always be regenerated. It’s like the Wolverine of water pipes, but needs more time to heal than Logan.

I found that using the mold is very simple, and that the directions provided are clear enough to become a water pipe artisan within minutes of opening the $89.99 mold kit. You basically fill the mold with water, place a grommet in to create an airflow passage for the bowl stem to be plugged into, and then freeze it. After 12 hours you then loosen the mold from the ice water pipe, attach the mouthpiece and a bowl of your choice, and you’re pretty much off to the races.

The ice cold smoke is instantly noticeable, and tastes very smooth due to the chill factor. It’s definitely the coldest smoke I’ve ever consumed from a water pipe. Although, considering that this pipe is made out of ice, it’s not meant to last forever, which means you have to plan when you want to use it. This isn’t the most convenient things to do, as you probably don’t plan for special smoking sessions throughout your day or week, so while this mold provides a water pipe that can be remade infinite times over, it still takes time and planning to create one. You need at least 12 hours for the mold to set, so this isn’t a water pipe solution for those who demand quicker turnarounds, or just want to get to the business of puffing the moment their minds move them to do so.

If you can appreciate the sustainable aspect of the Eyce Mold 2.0 water pipe system, then I think it’s a great solution for your needs. It does provide a unique way to create your own water pipes out of ice, and it does remove any cleaning aspects of smoking out of this style of pipe. It also can be dropped without the fear of losing a high-priced piece of glass, so I do find its upsides to be very enticing. The only downside is the long turnaround time needed to create an ice water pipe. If you can live with the planning required to formulate one, then you’ll love what this mold can do for your smoking hobby.

You can pick one up today in a variety of colors directly from Eyce!

Eyce Mold 2.0 Review Summary

Build Quality - 9
Functionality - 9
Ease of Use - 7.5
Price - 6.5



This mold from Eyce very may well be the last water pipe you'll ever buy.


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