Eyce, the makers of the Eyce Mold 2.0, sent over one of its Spoon pipes to test out, so we put it through the paces and did a video review on it. Simply put, having a pipe made out of silicone is the only way to go. This thing is nearly indestructible, and also sports some built-in features like a storage container, and a cleaning pick.

They only cost $19.99, which may be the best aspect of this particular pipe. You can check out the full review below via the embedded video.

If you like what you saw you can order your own Spoon now directly from Eyce!

Spoon Review Summary

Build Quality - 9
Functionality - 9
Ease of Use - 9
Price - 9


The Eyce Spoon is a great pipe for those who happen to break a lot of glass pipes. Plus it's very affordable and costs much less than traditional blown glass pipes.


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Review Statement: The author of this review was provided a sample by Eyce for the purposes of this review.

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