Fabulous Sarah Palin Spoof by Gina Gershon

Regardless if you love or hate Sarah Palin, you have to at least admit that she’s a media whore.  Really all politicians are, but I’m not really sure if she still counts as one or not.  She did quit early right?  Supposedly the media has decided to boycott her during the month of February, which is fine with me.  I do find something intriguing about her, which may come from some MILF/Cougar fantasies of mine, but I don’t want to see her on the news all the time.  Enough is enough, we get it Sarah you somehow managed to wield a disturbingly amount of followers through your rhetoric, but that doesn’t mean you have to comment on everything in the news and how the media picks on you.  Just be the sexy older Mom that you are and go away!

Luckily for us, super sexy Hollywood star Gina Gershon has become quite efficient at imitating Mrs. Palin.  She’s done several spoofs on the former Alaskan Governor, but the most recent one is a gem.  The whole jist of this spoof is what it may look like at Sarah’s HQ now that the media is boycotting her for awhile.  Gina’s performance deserves an Oscar for this short!  Sure things are exaggerated, but I could totally see Sarah Palin having some of the same struggles that Gina is acting out in the video.  Not only does she resemble a better looking Palin, but she nails that annoying Alaskan accent as well.  Check it out below and appreciate it for its comedy.  Don’t get all bent out of shape because a Conservative is being made fun of!  You’ve become interested in Sarah Palin in a new creepy way…

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