Fall In Love with Jon Snow Again Thanks to This Fan Tribute

Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow is an intriguing character who probably experienced more major moments than anyone else in the show, but if you watched the final season, you may have forgotten about his amazing legacy thanks to how one dimensional the writers made him.

He was a husk of his former self, and a one-note character by the end, which is a shame if you sit back and reflect on all of his accomplishments as a lowly non-bastard hellbent on always doing the honorable thing. I honestly don’t know why Bran was considered to have achieved more than Jon, but whatever, I guess pissing off Unsullied is enough to condemn Westeros’ greatest living hero.

Anyway, The Garo Studio has put out an epic tribute to Jon Snow that perfectly captures the essence of the character throughout his eights seasons of adventures. It uses footage from every season, as well as dialogue and music, and it’s edited in a way to remind you all of what Jon accomplished as a lowly bastard.

Check it out above!

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