Fallout 4 Confirmed, Shipping up to Boston

In a move that surprises literally no one, Bethesda officially revealed Fallout 4 to the world, following a cryptic “teaser” website early yesterday morning.

Following Fallout standards, the Fallout 4 release trailer opens with an old-timey television screen flickering on, before a slow pull-out shot that eventually reveals the shattered remains of Boston. Throughout the launch trailer, a remarkably well-groomed German Shepherd is seen wandering throughout the wreckage of homes and buildings, as flashbacks appear to show how life once was before the cataclysmic events of Fallout’s timeline.

Eventually, some shots of the game world can be seen, which looks almost exactly as expected for a next-gen Fallout title. Bethesda’s Gamebryo engine is serviceable enough, is showing its age.

That being said, the city streets of Boston look like they make for some interesting haunts.

While we have nothing else to go one outside of the reveal trailer and the images seen in the gallery above, Entertainment Buddha will be sure to cover any new Fallout 4 news. Stay tuned and plan to experience the apocalypse with us.


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