Fallout 76 Main Theme Revealed & News Blast

Fallout games have always had some fantastic, sweeping, emotional music made just for them (though I still hum Wanderer from time to time). The theme is always just a little bit different with each game, but in ways that reflect the tone or location. You can always hear those specific parts of the song that make you go “Oh yeah, I remember that from Fallout ___“.

The main theme for Fallout 76 is no different, it’s bold, beautiful, and I can’t wait to boot up the game and hear it. On top of that gem of news today, we got a couple of videos on the Xbox youtube channel from Major Nelson. We got to learn a little bit about the game, like how you can fast travel away from hostile players even if you’re near them to save yourself. It’ll cost caps to travel to places that aren’t your friends or your camp though, which sounds kind of shitty. Like what if you die and lose your stuff and then have no money and can’t get away from enemy players again and die again and loop that forever.

I mean maybe there’s checks and balances to make sure that doesn’t happen, I dunno, I haven’t played the game yet. Check out both of those videos below and the theme song above and let us know what your favorite thing about the game is so far! Are you not going to buy the game for any particular reason or are you NOW going to buy the game because of something you’ve seen here? Let us know!

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