One of the most exciting new additions to the Fallout narrative is the ability to cooperate with your friends to find nuclear launch codes and effectively blow up anything your hearts desire. Sounds cool, right? Fight baddies, get codes, and unleash a nuclear strike powerful enough to make the Cold War blush. Fallout 76‘s cooperative focus will be a strange new world to many who are used to the wonderful single-player experience of the other Fallout games. There are many questions surrounding the nuclear option in Fallout 76, such as: will we be able to send them anywhere we want, will the environment we nuke be irreversibly altered, and how big of a bang for our buck are we talking exactly? It seems Bethesda is performing many new tricks with this upcoming Fallout game, and I find myself already getting my post-apocalyptic team together, and preparing for another great adventure into the wastes!


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