Fallout: New vegas – Get your Weapon Modding On

I can’t wait to return to the Fallout universe with the New Vegas edition due out this December.  Personally, Fallout 3 was one of the best and most played games I’ve ever thrown into my 360.  I burnt a whole weeks worth of vacation time when it came out two years ago.  On a side note it was during Christmas, so it’s not like I took a week off to game, although back in the days of my corporate career I would’ve loved to take a full week off from that shit for a video game, oh the nightmares.

Fallout: New Vegas isn’t a proper sequel to Fallout 3, rather it’s a whole new experience outside of the wasteland.  It takes place out west, duh, and you’ll be controlling a whole new protagonist.  The only details I know about the main character is that he is a courier in the new frontier who gets capped and left for dead.  You as the gamer pick up control of the courier while he is being saved by some doctor.

During your time with the Doc you will set the tone for how your character is perceived in the game, as well as your initial stats.  From here it’s only a matter of time before you’re playing the Jesus like type, or going to a town and getting demented, wiping out woman and children without remorse.  I’ve never felt worse shooting fake people than in the Fallout universe.  I sitll have images in my head of little digital kids pleading me not to blow their Dad’s brains out.  Yeah, I’m balanced don’t worry, it’s just a game.

The look and feel of the game is pretty spot on to Fallout 3, but there are some additions.  One of the biggest changes is the ability to mod your weapons.  You can now add weapon enhancements that will change the way your gun performs and looks, which is pretty dope.  For more information on this feature and other new additions to the game check out the vid below.  I can’t wait to lose more hours of my life with another Fallout game.  You’ve been wasted…


Fallout: New Vegas Debut Trailer for shits and giggles…


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