Fallout: New Vegas Throws a Dance Party in Game With Mods

Have you wondered what it would be like to play Dance Central within the Fallout Universe?  Well some modders must have, because there’s some videos floating around that feature the residents of New Vegas getting their funk on.  Using an animation mod on the PC version of the game, gives all of its in-game AI the ability to get jiggy with it at the drop of a command.  These little dance machines have perfect routines for songs like “Just Dance” and “Billie Jean”.  I wonder if the modders had to program each dance, for each character, to each song, or if the mod dynamically instructs the AI how to groove depending on what song is playing.

Regardless, these little bast*rds can move like there’s no tomorrow.  It’s almost as if the apocalypse happened and everyone decided to try out for ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ rather than worry about raiders and radioactive scorpions.  Check out the two videos below.  The second one down has one of the most impressive Michael Jackson dance routines I’ve ever seen (35 seconds in).  You’ve been wishing someone could program you to not dance like you have two left feet…



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Via [Joystiq Source New Vegas Nexus]


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