Fan Creates Tragic Looking Posters for Avengers 4


Avengers: Infinity War is still a few weeks away from releasing, but that isn’t stopping Marvel fans from speculating on what may be in the next Avengers film, which at this point is just called Avengers 4. Apparently Avengers 4 will technically be a direct follow up to Infinity War, and considering that a few of the big name heroes may not make it out of the fight with Thanos unscathed, it could be a very somber type of Avengers flick.

Even the Russo Brothers themselves said that Avengers 4’s actual title will scare Marvel fans, so the film definitely will be a bit darker than what we’ve seen so far.

One fan, or should I just refer to him as the Mack Daddy of all things Photoshop and geek art, BossLogic, has his own ideas on what the title may be, and he even created some posters to reflect how tragic the film could be based on what happens in Infinity War. BossLogic is referring to Avengers 4 as Avenge Us, which quite frankly is freaking perfect, and his posters feature a few of the Avengers in tattered, if not defeated states, basically implying that they’re either dead, or have been nearly broken by the time Infinity War ends.

There are posters for Iron Man, Black Panther, and Hulk, and each puts off a feeling of utter devastation, because it appears that these heroes have all been defeated or severely broken. I’m not sure Marvel will ever get this real and depressing, but these posters contain visual narratives that I’d love to see. Head on down below to check out the gallery.

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