Fan Edited ‘The Predator’ Trailer Actually Makes the Movie Look Interesting

Shane Black’s The Predator was revealed to the world last week with its first teaser, and like me, most people felt it was very underwhelming. It didn’t feel very Predator-like, and it came off more like AVP: Requiem than a full on sequel to Predator 2.

Now thanks to a fan edit, The Predator looks way more interesting, which may bode will for the film, or it may just prove that the people in charge don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to marketing this film, or editing the final cut. The fan edit comes from WhiplashDynamo and his version is way more Predator-like. It sports the classic Predator theme music, and the edit just makes the plot look more terrifying and suspenseful. Maybe this fan edit offers up hope that the final cut will be better than the film’s first teaser, or maybe it’s just hiding a bad movie, but one thing is clear and that is the fact that a fan cut a better trailer than a Hollywood studio, so take that for what it’s worth in terms of The Predator’s ultimate success.


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