Fan-Made ‘Halo’ Movie Hits Indiegogo for Fundraising

Fans of the Halo franchise have been itching for a feature film since the game’s beginning, and rightfully so. The story, action, and space-awesomeness are enough to create an incredible tale for movie-goers and game fans alike. While rumors of a feature-length have been circulating, nothing is set in stone.

Fortunately, the folks at Smart Wolf Productions have taken matters into their own hands by putting together a 40-minute fan film called Halo: Deliverance. The flick takes place in 2521 during the time of the Insurrection, and follows an Elite ODST Soldier named Elias, who uncovers some shocking news while on a covert mission that changes everything. The script is unique as it explores part of the Halo Universe that hasn’t been touched on in previous titles.

Smart Wolf has begun their Indigogo campaign to help wrap up the film, seeking to raise $10,000 to finalize their production. If their goal is met, they expect to be able to release the film online this December. You can check out their Indiegogo page here to see what sort of rewards they’re offerining in exchange for funding.


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