Fan Made Halo Movie Trailer Reminds Us Why This Project Should be a Reality

A YouTuber by the name Alex Luthor has created an epic fan made live-action Halo movie trailer, and it is a stark reminder that this project should’ve happened by now if it weren’t for Tinsel Town politics and greed.

It appears Luthor used footage from the various Halo games, live action mini-series, and other mediums to create this awesome Halo movie trailer, which he has edited together very coherently. I also believe the narrator to be Harrison Ford, who sounds like he’s speaking lines from Ender’s Game, which actually match up near perfectly with the action taking place on screen, and seem to work quite well for a Halo movie.

Considering at live-action Halo project has yet to take off in Hollywood there’s a good chance it’ll never happen, so for the time being we just have to appreciate fan made projects like this one and dream of a world where a Halo film franchise exists and thrives. Head on up above to see what a possible Halo movie could look like.


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