Two days ago the geekverse was shocked to the core with the announcement that Ben Affleck would be donning Batman’s cowl in Snyder’s Superman vs. Batman film. Batman fans have already written up online petitions to have him removed from the project, and one unstable individual even tried to get the President to veto the move. Fans not incensed by Affleck as an actor have rallied around the casting choice and are beginning to throw their support behind it.

One such super fan is Spencer Doe, The God Damn Batman. Doe is a professional cosplayer and artist who has built up quite the following on his Fb page, and he, as The God Damn Batman, fully supports the idea of BatFleck. In an attempt to waylay the fears of fans around the world he’s photoshopped Ben’s face into the Bat suit, and dropped in Henry Cavill’s Superman to provide a glimpse at what these two may look like on screen together.

Based on his experiment it’s safe to say that regardless of who wears the Bat suit they’ll still look like Batman, so the real question is will Affleck be a believable Bruce Wayne? Only time will tell, but just like The God Damn Batman, Entertainment Buddha fully supports the casting decision. Ben Affleck is no slouch, and has won more Hollywood hardware than some of the most legendary actors in the business, so he can’t be as awful as the Internet is making him out to be. While we all eagerly await the first trailer, which is probably at least a year away, head on down past the break to enjoy Doe’s photoshopped version of BatFleck with is new best bud.



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